Nature's Charms

Stay tuned for more paintings in this collection showcasing some of the amazing gifts that Nature has given us!

Many of us are blessed with the abundant love, companionship and never ending amounts of wisdom that our pets share with us every day.

This is Lulu and what an amazing teacher she is!

I believe Mother Nature blessed her with a personality that would make any female proud.

She is delicate and sweet and shares her love without hesitation, but she is also strong willed, fierce and doesn't back down if she wants something.

Her beautiful big spirit inspires me every day and I think she's a pretty awesome role model for any one.

If you feel drawn to animals like many of us do, then you understand the beauty and power of a horse. There is something so spiritual and calming about them. When you look into their eyes, you feel like they see into your soul. It is a very humbeling feeling to be in their presence.

I had to paint these amazing beings so that I could share their beauty with everyone.  I hope you enjoy them.



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